New 'Invincible' Military Smartwatch Finally Goes on Sale In the US - But Is It Really The Toughest Smartwatch in the World?

10th  March 2024 | by Mike Paul
toughest smart watch in the world?

This new American military smartwatch is practically invincible. Super shock, scratch resistant and waterproof - it's packed with tons of useful smartwatch features too. Now on a special promotion offer in the US - but is it really as good as they say?

Smartwatches are awesome.

You can see all your health vitals, record your exercise, get your important notifications and much, much more...

However, there's always been a big problem - smartwatches are extremely fragile...

Now there's a new model on the market the US.

Made for the military, this new smartwatch is as tough as a tank. It's also surprisingly affordable too.

But how good is it really?

What Is It Called?

Smartwatch for outdoors

It's called the Titan PG Tactical watch. 

In short, the Titan is a total beast.

Originally designed for the US special forces, it's now become super popular in other challenging, tough, dangerous jobs like; the mining, oil and gas industry, police and fire services, outdoor sports, construction and more. 

Where a normal smartwatch wouldn't survive 5 minutes - the Titan is in its element. 

It's Made To Survive The Harshest Battlefields...

We said it's tough, but how tough?

The screen is made from a special type of reinforced sapphire Gorilla glass.

The sapphire crystal used is an extremely tough and scratch-resistant material second only to diamonds in hardness! This provides incredible protection for the touchscreen watch face.

The hardened alloy/steel case is protected by a thick, shock-absorbing, PU resin.

The resin was chosen for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion - but it's also a very comfortable material on the skin. 

These materials combined make the Titan watch an indestructible ally on the battlefield! 

You can batter it with a hammer, stab it with a screwdriver, even drive over it in a truck (lots of people have tried!) - nothing. Not even a scratch!

Even the strap is made from a special treated silicone that is highly resistant to UV radiation, extreme heat, extreme cold, cutting and tearing and moisture. Oh, and it's soft, breathable and comfortable!

Also Packed with All the Latest Smartwatch Features...

The Titan isn't just insanely tough.

It also boasts all the best and latest features from top-of-the-range smartwatches. 

Track and record up to 25 different sports and activities. 

You can see your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, and Blood glucose levels, monitor your sleep, even do basic  ECG tests and much more!

The Titan PG is made to be very easy to use, read, and simple to navigate - for the less 'geeky' user!

What else do you get in the Titan PG?

A lot!

The Titan PG  is packed with lots of useful functions and great health benefits:

  • ✅ State-of-the-art Fitness tracking -  Record your workouts, get fit, and lose weight
  • Heart rate, Blood pressure, Blood O2 -  24/7 heart and health monitoring
  • ✅ IP68 Waterproof -  Shower or pool - no problem.
  • ✅ Sleep manager -  Go to bed and get woken up at the optimum time for you
  • ✅ Masculine, Classic Styling - Made for a man's wrist
  • ✅ HUGE 380MAH battery -  Long life 5-7 day use, 30-40 standby - less annoying recharges
  • Large Anti-Glare Display - Clear, easy-to-read display, even in direct sunlight
  • ✅ Sedentary Warning - Tells you when to sit less and move more
  • ✅ Calorie counter -  It improves your eating habits and your chances of losing weight
  • Step counter -  Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast
  • ✅ See your notifications - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Texts, Emails and many more
  • ✅ Take your calls and texts - See who's calling, and answer them from your Titan
  • ✅ Sync to both iPhone and Android -  Supports IOS and Andriod
  • ✅ Control your music -  The easiest way to change track and volume
  • Choose from hundreds of watch faces -  Any photo can be your watch screen!
  • ✅ Weather reports - at a glance weather where you are!
  • Anti-lost - Call your lost phone from your Titan watch to find it fast
  • ✅ Take a photo -  Use your Titan watch to take a photo on your smartphone

and much, much more!

You feel like you have a personal assistant and guardian angel, on your wrist!

One thing is for certain, once you wear a Titan PG, you'll never want to go without it again!

What Did Our Editorial Team Think?

TitanPG watch real review
"Top build quality. A superb smartwatch for anyone who wants something a LOT tougher than your average smart watch. In this market, it's price is amazing. Surprisingly good as a smartwatch in general too." - Wayne
is the Vital Fit smartwatch waterproof? Review
" Finally a top smartwatch that is water IP68 water resisant and properly impact proof! I was seriously impressed with its health functions VS price. I've stopped buying Apple watches as they as just too easily broken. What a crazy bargain at under $200" - Chris
Customer reviews of titanPG smartwatch
"Comfortable strap, extremely long battery life (whole working week on a single charge for me), and great maculine styling also! Titan PG tracked my heart rate accurately and feels very high quality. If the discount price is still live, buy it, you won't regret it." - Sam 

How Much Does the Titan PG Cost?

With its features and quality, you would expect it to be anywhere between $300-600+.

Surprisingly the retail price of $178 is way below our expected price range!

HOWEVER, do you know what's better than paying the already good full $178 price?

Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just $89.

They also included FREE shipping, which is always nice! 

Click here to see the Titan PG promotion (if it's still live) »

That's a small price to pay, for a 24/7 heart rate monitor smart watch with all those features!

It seems even more amazing when you consider some big brand models cost 3-5 times more...

Why the Titan is a Smart Investment

Smartwatch insurance and repair is a big profit market for the likes of Apple.

They know their products are fragile and they cash in when you break your smartwatch. According to research the most common cause of smartwatch death is damage is from impact. 

Repairs can range from $300-500. That is just crazy...

Of course, when you wear a TitanPG you don't even need to worry about damage!

Why The Current Discount?

Titan PG is currently hosting a brand promotion in the US.

The exciting news is they've discounted by an extra 50%.

And we've got the links to their top promotions right here:

Take me to the latest online promotional discounts »

Be aware that prices might revert to full price once the promo is over, so act swiftly!

Click here to see the Titan PG official discount website »

Are there any Downsides? 

Yes, of course - no product is perfect! 

The touch screen can be a little tempermental when under water. However, it does works seemlessly when dirty, wet or even in gloves - which is impressive. 

Also, the offical store is often out of stock in the past few days we've been checking. 

How Does It Compare To Other Smartwatches?

If the main cause of smartwatch damage is impact, then doesn't it make sense to get a smartwatch that's near invincible?
Customers consistently cite a few reasons:

  1. Firstly, Titan PG serves as both a medical health watch and a smartwatch. It accurately measures vital signs and performs all the functions of a smartwatch.

  2. Secondly, you don't need to worry about bumping or scratching it at all. 

  3. Lastly, it's styled in a less feminine, more masculine way than Apple watches.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Titan PG ?

4.9  /5


Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

In a word, ABSOLUTELY!

It's the toughest smartwatch in the world alright!

If it's good enough for US troops - it's good enough for 99.9% of us!

Whether you're a first-time smartwatch owner or seeking a tough as granite smartwatch to match your lifestyle, the Titan PG , is the very best model.

If it's still available at the promotional price of under $200 - don't hesitate to grab one before it sells out again. 

In case it's not clear, I absolutely loved it! You won't find a better watch at a better price. And you CERTAINLY won't find a tougher watch! 

Where Can I Order My Titan PG Smartwatch?

Order the Titan PG from the official Titan PG online shop here.

PRO TIP: The discount means the Titan PG will sell out fast in the US. If they run out of stock, you may have to wait months before they are back in stock... 

So, we highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount stock is gone (again)! 

Click here to get - 50% Off Your Titan PG »